"Comfortable, cute, high-quality clothing for little ones may not solve all the challenges of motherhood. But if getting dressed is easy, creative, and fun, the rest of the day looks a little brighter—and all of those days sure add up."

- Sydni Sorensen, Founder and CEO

How it started...

In 2014, Little Road Co. founder Sydni Sorenson welcomed her first child. She was discouraged to find a lack of comfortable, cute, high-quality clothing for her son - so she decided to make some of her own.

With an eye for style and only the finest quality, Sydni founded Little Road Co., formerly known as Lulu and Roo, to create clothing where function meets fun. Each piece is mom-designed and kid-tested to be ultra-durable and worthy of keeping for years to come.

The brand began in Sydni’s basement, with each item made to order and cut by hand. While the Little Road Co. has grown tremendously, every piece is still mom-designed and kid-tested to be ultra-durable and worthy of keeping for years to come. The dedicated team of artisans and designers behind Little Road Co. is committed to bringing a higher standard of children’s clothing to parents everywhere and honored to be part of so many special memories and milestones.

Little Road Co. has grown at a tremendous rate and won numerous awards, including Mountain West Capital Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies in Utah - twice. Founder Sydni was featured in Utah Valley's 40 under 40, and the brand has appeared in publications such as Glamour, Pregnancy, and Newborn magazines. Most recently, Little Road Co. collaborated with Warner Brothers Studios to create a magical collection of Harry Potter™ gear for aspiring wizards and witches that was prominently featured in the storefront display window Saks Fifth Avenue flagship store in New York City.


We believe in creating memories, and celebrating each moment big or small. We believe in kindness, and it starts with us. Our brand and our community thrive on authenticity. We know the unique joys—and challenges—of mom life, and we are proud to let it show. In person, through technology, or simply in spirit, we find ways to bring people together around the joys of parenting. We strive to build uplifting communities and relationships. After all, obstacles always seem smaller with support behind you. We cherish and cultivate the good in the world, wherever we find it. We never put ourselves or our profits before others. We believe in quality. We care just as much about the hands that are creating our products as the ones wearing them. We correct wrongs promptly, and make sure they don’t happen again. Our integrity shows customers that we and our products can be trusted. We try not to take life too seriously and try to find joy and humor in the hardest of moments. We believe in teamwork and value to uplift people all around us.