Lulu and Roo was started by two friends and mothers wanting to create stylish, yet comfortable clothing for their kids. Jori had 1 boy and Sydni had 1 girl (hence the name).  Both were pregnant with their second children (boys). With two new babies on the way sensible clothing options were a necessity. They wanted clothing that both boys and girls could run, play and nap in as well as be stylish outside the home. They set out to design clothing with comfort being most important while maintaining style and quality. 

They started their journey in American Fork, UT where each item was hand cut and sewn out of our founders basement. We’ve since grown and partner with artisans who are capable of producing more complex designs so we can continue to serve our community with the unique pieces Lulu & Roo is known for. As we continue to grow our supply chain will too. We are committed to upholding the highest standards and are mindful of our presence in this world and our responsibility to those around us. (Please note that all listings will show where the item has been made.)


"Our goal was to make clothing that kids would not want to take off and I think we did just that. Our customers often comment on how much their children love how comfortable our clothing is and it’s all they want to wear." - Sydni

"We wanted clothing that kids could wear all day long. No more changing  clothes for nap-time or to go run errands. Having cute comfy clothing for kids is one more way to simplify mommy life!"  - Jori