More Than Just Clothing

We partner with factories with the highest values and standards because producing a quality product is one of the best choices we can make for the environment. We partner with family operated businesses which care deeply about the product they craft, and more importantly, the people who craft it.

We embrace social responsibility as do all of our sourcing partners.

"We care just as much about the hands that are creating our products as the ones wearing them"

- Sydni Sorensen, Founder and CEO

As we grow, so does our impact on the world around us. Here’s what we’re doing to look after our planet.

We create heirloom quality pieces you can pass down again and again. We use high quality materials and work with world-class artisans who attend to the finest details.

We are committed to lowering our emissions. We craft small-batch items and provide maximum mix-and-match possibilities to create the least amount of waste possible.

We care about our people. We follow ethical sourcing practices and do our best to ensure fair treatment of artisans.